The Riviera Maya is a district in Northeastern Mexico that is well-known for its tourism and resorts. It is just South of Cancun, but has a unique set of tourist attractions that differ from the popular beach resort city. Hikes, swimming in the ocean, and relaxing on the beach with a cocktail are the popular things to do, but the Riviera Maya has its fair share of unusual and fun activities to do as well. Participating in one of these activities is sure to have friends and family “ooh”ing and “ahh”ing when they hear about your adventure.

Experience Xcaret Park

A theme park isn’t usually out of the ordinary. There are plenty around the world, but it’s what is inside of this theme park that makes it special. Xcaret is an ecological and archeological park and has an enormous number of things to do. You should plan to spend an entire day at the park to thoroughly enjoy all it has to offer. The attractions include a coral reef aquarium, mushroom farm, small Mayan Ruins, Museum of Culture and Anthropology, Rotating scenic Tower and Mayan Cemetery. There are also animal exhibits such as dolphins, monkeys, crocodiles and jaguars. Scuba diving and swimming with dolphins are also possible with an extra fee.

Visit Ek Balam

Ek Balam is special because it is one of the few ruins in which you can still climb the structures. Ek Balam translates to “dark jaguar” so you will see plenty of jaguar like structures around the temples. One of the coolest structures are the large stones that look like a massive jaguar’s mouth. The main temple is over 500 feet tall and has 100 stairs to get to the top. It is a bit steep and has no side rails so make sure you are rested and hydrated before making the climb. The view from the top is extraordinary, allowing you to see miles of jungle on all sides.

Explore Rio Secreto

Rio Secreto is The Riviera Maya’s best cenote. A cenote is a natural underground reservoir that occurs when a limestone bedroom collapses or sinks. Tours are led through the underground water system where you can swim underneath the limestone and enjoy the clear, blue water. The way sunlight reflects off the limestone and water means you get a beautiful view of nature unlike you have ever seen. It can be a bit of a tight squeeze so keep that in mind if you are uneasy with tight spaces. Something else that makes the Rio Secreto unique is that is huge and has 13 different entrances so it is rare you will see other tour groups. This leads to a much more intimate experience when seeing the natural beauty.

Make Memories That You Will Remember For Life

These three activities can transcend your vacation from a relaxing Maya Riviera trip to a once in a lifetime experience. The combination of wild life, natural wonders and crystal-clear waters make this destination a special one, especially if you do the unique activities. Remember, taking the less taken road usually leads to more surprises.