I have always been pretty open abut my visits to a San Jose botox clinic and I have absolutely no shame in saying that I have botox injections once every year, occasionally I have them 6 months apart but only if there is a particular event coming up. Because I am so open about it I find that many people ask me questions about it and the truth is that there are way more people interested in the procedure than you may realize. For that reason I really want to clear up a few bits and pieces about what many of you have been asking with regards to botox.

The Clinic

The reason why I keep gong back to the same clinic for my botox is because they are uber professional and the service is absolutely great, not to mention the reasonable pricing. Botox doesn’t differ from clinic to clinic but the professionalism and the customer service does, and that is why it is so important to ensure that you do have a great clinic, once you find them, keep going back.

The Procedure

I really cannot stress enough just how easy and quick this procedure is, and that is something which many of you have asked about. All that happens is you get a few very quick, very painless injections into the surface of the skin. Because of the fact that the injection doesn’t go too deep, the feeling is really a scratch more than anything else. I wouldn’t say that you feel nothing, and it can be a bit uncomfortable, but in reality it is all over before you know it.


I know there are many of you out there who are worried about the dangers of your body swelling up or your face being permanently changed, but the truth is that there are very few risks associated with botox. The only real danger that exists is if the bottle of botox is out of date, which is something that you must ensure that you check before you have the injections administered. In most cases you will be shown the bottle first, if not then ask to check it, you should focus on date and that it has not already been pierced.


Results vary based on the patient, their age and their skin type but generally you can expect to see the results of botox lasting for between 3 and 6 months, generally I begin to see a difference after 4 to 5 months. You can have botox injected again at that stage but it is always better to wait a while longer as the impact may not be as good every time if you have multiple injections, which will cause you to need more units injected in the future. The results which you can expect are not instant, they will take around 2 weeks to show up, so bear that in mind too.

Any more questions you may have, please feel free to ask away.