State Park

Canada’s westernmost province of British Columbia is popular among Canadians and world travelers for many reasons, and not just for the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean and Rocky Mountains. Sure, you can find some amazing surfing along the coast and some even better hiking and snowboarding in the Rockies, but more importantly the area is known as one the largest producers of cannabis in the world. The fresh natural air, fertile soil, and crystal clear mountain waters are the perfect ingredients for growing some of the most potent strains, so obviously it ranks as the best province in Canada to light up and get high.

Now that recreational cannabis use is legal nationwide and more and more people are legally growing medicinal marijuana with their ACMPR license, tons of people from around the globe are picking B.C. as their next travel destination. If you choose to visit here, you’ll get the perfect balance of stunning mountains, crashing ocean waves, and the best weed money can buy. Check out the best places throughout British Columbia to get high, you might just be convinced to book a plane ticket!


As the largest city in B.C. Vancouver gets a lot of traffic from Canadians and foreigners alike. Even if you aren’t typically a fan of big cities, even nature lovers will feel at home since the city is surrounded by clear waters and soaring mountains. The laid-back vibe is ideal for lighting up a joint and strolling the city streets. The art scene, music scene, and intense cultural diversity enhances any high experience. Be sure to check out Stanley Park, Gastown, and Grouse Mountain.


You can do just about anything in Kelowna from skiing, swimming, and wine tasting – so why not add cannabis into the mix. It is the perfect blend of city life and nature so don’t be surprised if you go from bustling city streets to pine forests and then maybe even vineyards. There are plenty of cannabis dispensaries to choose from so you won’t have any trouble finding something good to smoke before you head out to explore.


Many people assume Vancouver is the capital of British Columbia since it has the densest population in the province, but they are mistaken. The capital city of Victoria sits on the southernmost edge of Vancouver Island. There is decent nightlife here, but most travelers come for the historical sights – and of course the legal weed. After purchasing your buds, consider exploring the Royal British Columbia Museum to learn about the province’s past and then check out Beacon Hill Park for some fresh air and pristine landscape.


Visiting Whistler isn’t for everyone, but if partaking in snowsports of all kinds is on your agenda be sure to head here. It is north of Vancouver and gets a decent amount of snow throughout the year, making it perfect for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. If you are comfortable taking a few puffs of a joint and then hitting the slopes, you won’t regret it. Getting high and experiencing the stunning panoramic mountain views will be an experience you’ll never forget.