Apple’s new iPhone X is their most exciting flagship yet, with a futuristic design, and exciting new features and with a big edge-to-edge crystal clear OLED screen, but at its price of 999$, it’s not really an impulse-buy. Apple are known for their quality and accessibility, but also for expensive products, so it’s only logical to take a step back and analyze the new iPhone X from a different perspective.



Using the iPhone X looks and feels like the future. It’s got an amazing science-fiction vibe with its minimalist design, and the lack of a home button just emphasizes that point. Now you just swipe up to go back to the menu, and swipe and hold a bit to show all open apps. The stainless steel band gives it a luxurious feel, and the size along with the seamless rounded corners make it feel comfortable holding it in your hand.


The new OLED display is jaw dropping. Apple boast about it displaying more realistic colors than the competition, and it seems they’re right. The new 5.8 inch screen, simply put, is amazing, and even though a larger and better upgrade to the iPhone 8, it doesn’t make the phone any bigger than it used to be.

Dual Cameras

Apple’s iPhones have always been great phones for photography, but with the dual cameras of the X, they stepped up their game to the max. With better and faster sensors, more true-to-life colors, and excellent shadows, every photo taken looks amazing.



Without a doubt, the iPhone X is very pricey. It’s even more expensive than the Samsung Note 8 which was 930$-960$. And that’s only the basic model with 64GB of memory. If you want the 256GB one, then it’s a whopping 1,149$. A price like that can be a big hindrance, because it’s higher than what the average consumer generally spends on smartphones.

Easier to break

The X is almost entirely made out of glass to enable wireless charging, but that means it’s easier to break, because it’s not made out of aluminum like the previous models. Apple have said that it’s the strongest glass ever made for a smartphone, but people will definitely put that to a test.

Screen cutout

One of the ugliest things about the iPhone X is the screen cutout at the top. It’s the part they put most of its sensors in, like infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensors, and more, but because the entire face of the phone is supposed to be a screen, there was nowhere else to put them. It’s a practical solution, true, but that doesn’t make it any less ugly.

No 3.5mm headphone jack

Nothing new for an iPhone, but it’s still really troubling because most people use 3.5mm headphones, and are now forced to use an adapter if they don’t want to use Apple’s wireless earbuds. It may not be a huge issue, but the adapter itself is not cheap, and is not a very elegant solution for an otherwise elegant product.