I was talking with my buddy last week about how much our children hate US history and it sparked a debate between us as to why it was important, and how we could convey this to our kids. Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch employee like myself here in Miami, had been trying for months to convince his kids to enjoy US history more. This is something which both he and I are pretty passionate about and we have since been working on our kids to get them interested in this topic. If you aren’t sure why American history is important, here are just a few reasons why it most certainly is.


The USA has a rich history which spans centuries and involves a number of different cultures and civilizations. From the Native Americans who were here before the settlers arrived to the war of independence, the migration of Mexicans and every other incident which has involved different nationalities such as the French and the British. Ultimately it is important to learn as much as we can about how we all arrived here, in order to understand our own cultural identity. We live in an age where there is so much hate and ignorance towards certain cultures, when in fact we are all immigrants here. Learning about our history is a great way to open our mind and understand where we fit in all this.


One of the greatest benefits of learning about any history, not just US history, is that we can use it to help us to avoid mistakes which we have made in the past. This is why US history is so important, especially for our younger children and adults as it can massively help them to play their role in spotting when history is repeating itself, and then using their vote and their influence to help avoid it taking place.

Understanding Society

In order to better understand society we need to know how it was created and how it has arrived at a point where it is today. Through studying history we can understand more about the people and the events which have shaped our society and in doing so we can gain a far better understanding.


There are stories of the past which should never be forgotten, valiant acts of bravery which should never be lost to the annuls of time. Through studying US history we can ensure that we preserve the memory of these amazing people and remember what they have done for this great nation of ours.


The stories of the past can serve as great inspiration for the present, those who refused to be oppressed, those who stood up for their rights and those who overcame the odds, these are the stories which we need more of and they can provide us with amazing inspiration and motivation in our own lives.

This is why US history is so important.