When you say the word “lake,” you immediate imagine an oval-shaped body of water surrounded by lush greenery. It is the spot where you could take a quick dip and row to the other side in a boat. If you suffix the word” Como” to the lake, you will find yourself being taken to northern Italy. However, it is a far cry from the regal oval hasped body of water that you imagined. The shape of the lake is like a wishbone and is sure to make a deep impression on you’re the first time you see it. It is the third largest lake in Italy and just about an hour away from Milan. One finds the visitors here the whole year-round. The tourists come here to ski, snowshoe, and enjoy other winter activities during the cold months.

Lake Como is a popular destination for locals and tourists as there is with plenty to see and do in the town and the lake. The lake itself is enormous, and one can easily spend days here exploring its shores. Take advantage of those holiday rentals on Lake Como that overlook the lake and offer great views. You would never be far from the lake, and other attractions and plus can enjoy the lovely pathway for a stroll.  You can easily Diane at a favorite restaurant along the lake or can sit on your room balcony to watch the sunset and listen to the gentle waves. There are many small towns and villages across the lake where one can go for sightseeing and shopping.

Day 1- Arriving in Como
Lake Como is also one of the deepest lakes in Europe. From Milan airport, one can hire a car to drive to Lake Como, which is just an hour away. The drive is quite pleasant, and within no time you would arrive here at Como. The principal towns one can explore around the Lake are Menaggio, Bellagio, Lecco and Menaggio besides Como. Spend the day relaxing in your room and enjoy a great meal at any of the restaurant located near the lake. It is easy to get around Lake Como and all one needs to do is go to the ferry terminal and take advantage of the frequent boat service. You can take a short ferry ride across the Lake, and it is indeed fun cruising up and down the lake which is beautiful.  Take a look at the fantastic hotels and residences along the shore. Even George Clooney has bought a vacation home here in Como!

Day 2- Spend the day around Lake Como
Design a schedule as to how you would like to spend your day at Como, which it was fun to walk around. There are several restaurants for lunch, and your kids would love the playground with a fountain. Visit the main Cathedral of Como which is located right in the middle of town. It is indeed a great example of Gothic architecture.

Day 3- Make a trip to Bellagio
You could make a trip to Bellagio, which is one of the most famous villages around Lake Como. You can spend the whole day here and enjoy yourselves. There are picturesque lanes and narrow roads as well as a wide range of restaurants to choose from. The moment you step off the ferry and enter this remote village in Italy, you would feel as if in a different world. Walk on those cobblestone lanes and take pictures. There is an incredible Christmas decoration shop here which is so unique.

Day 4- Go to Switzerland
Switzerland is just miles away from Lake Como, and one could actually walk to Switzerland in less than an hour. Just remember to take your passports and cross the border marked only by a line and a stone marker. Enjoy the thrill of just walking to another country without any checks! Your trip to Switzerland would indeed be a truly memorable journey. Experience the Swiss charm with the great outdoors. Como and Switzerland are also a short train ride apart, and this is going to be indeed one of the most beautiful rail journeys of the world.

Day 5- Visit Lugano

You can make a trip to Lake Lugano for a day. Take the ferry and the half-hour train to Lugano. You can explore the town, lunch there and come back the very same day. You can relax on the beaches or take a pedal boat out onto the lake. It would indeed be a delightful trip, and you would love exploring the Lugano town.

Day 6- Hop a train to Tirano

You can take a train to Tirano where you get the chance to enjoy the highest rail journey in Europe in the famed Bernina. It is arguably the most beautiful rail journey in the world as it connects the Italian and Swiss Alps and bridges over bold gorges. Enjoy gazing at the more perfect views of icy-blue Poschiavo Lake and the Piz Palü Glacier.

Day 7- Spend the last day at Como
You could see what all you have missed before going back. For example, you could visit the Como Silk Museum which is located a bit beyond the Porta Torre. Como has been a center of silk production. Do shop before you leave as there are beautiful things to get in town from the kitchen stores and shops where you can buy local food products, Como silk, and jewelry.