It’s the holiday season but Covid-19 is here as well. How do you celebrate Christmas festively but safely? Here’s a guide.

With festive music, cooler weather, and gift-giving galore, the most wonderful time of year is upon us. But with Covid-19 cases continuing to rise, the Christmas season will look a bit different this year.

As more people stay home and traditional in-person gatherings go digital, you may find it difficult to get in the holiday spirit. The good news is, there are many ways to celebrate Christmas in a fun and safe way.

For ideas on how to make this holiday season as cheerful as possible from the comfort of your own home, read on for our basic guide.

1. Schedule a Family Video Call

One of the best parts about celebrating Christmas is getting together with family, friends, and other loved ones you may not see on a regular basis. While Covid-19 may permit traveling and gathering for holiday parties, you can still fill the evening with family.

Scheduling a call over digital video chat sites like Zoom is a great way to see the faces of the ones you love most. Consider opening presents or eating holiday meals with your laptop camera nearby. This way, you can spend your time in the company of others while still staying safe.

2. Move the Festivities Outside

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with low infection rates, consider moving the festivities outside. This will allow for ventilated air space and more room to practice social distancing.

Having a gathering outside also allows you to enjoy nature with a warm fire or a beautiful view. You might enjoy setting up tables that are six feet apart, tents that keep guests warm, and hand sanitizers for all. You may also advise guests to bring their own dishes of food for limited contact.

Although you may be having a small gathering outdoors, encourage your guests to wear masks whenever they’re not eating or in their own space. While you may be socially distanced, be sure to follow all the recommended CDC guidelines for your small gathering.

3. Stream Live Church Services

For many families, attending church service is one of the most popular ways to celebrate Christmas. This year many churches are streaming their services for all to worship at home.

To make this a more special occasion, gather the members of your household around the television to watch the service together. Consider making sweet treats like hot chocolate or gingerbread cookies for added fun. This can make for a festive, cozy, and safe event for your family.

At, you can find online streams of church services to keep the family engaged this holiday season.

4. Tips for Wrapping and Opening Gifts

While most cases spread through close contact with others, giving and receiving gifts from a distance is generally safe. Don’t let the pandemic keep you from giving to your loved ones this season.

To keep the surfaces of your gift clean, be sure to wash hands before and after wrapping as well as keeping them in a secure area away from others. When giving gifts to neighbors or others not in your own household, consider wearing gloves and placing the gift at their front door. This can help keep your festive gifts clean and safe this year.

Celebrate Christmas Safely in 2020

While holiday gatherings are some of the most fun and special activities of the year, it’s not worth risking your health or others. By following some of these tips, you can celebrate Christmas safely this season.

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