I became a dad quite early and it was just after my 21st birthday that my daughter was born, at that time I was a struggling artist and as much as I loved creating art, things weren’t going well and I knew I had to find a way of making some money. I was just about to give up my dreams of being an artist when I met the wonderful Peter Max. At that time I was selling my paintings on Facebook without much success and one day I got a message from someone who was interested in what I could do. The name Peter Max meant nothing to me as I didn’t think it could have possibly been him, but it was, and nothing was the same afterwards.

First Meeting

Peter says differently but that first meeting I was not nervous at all, mainly because I just thought I was meeting with a client. When I walked into Peter’s studio however I knew instantly who it was, and perhaps that was when the nerves kicked in. Peter told me that he liked my artwork and wanted to see if I could contribute a couple of pieces to an exhibition he was doing with some local talent.


Whilst this was very exciting to be involved in the exhibition, I still didn’t hold much hope from my art career and I was actively seeking a more traditional job to provide for my family. The exhibition went very well and whilst there weren’t exactly millions of people there, he did have some important people in the art world who had come to see it. I enjoyed the evening, I received many compliments abut my work and then I went home and didn’t think much more of it.

The Following Day

The following day one of Peter’s agents got in touch with me and said that there had been a lot of talk about my pieces and that a couple of those who went to the exhibition wanted to purchase them. He told me that my guide price was way below what I should be asking, and so increased the price and sold the products, an amazing day with started to give me hope.

No Time For A Job

I decided that I would continue to paint in my spare time, sell what I could online and go get a traditional job. One day Peter got in touch and asked for a meeting but that day I was going to an interview, he was not happy. He told me to forget the interview and go see him, as he had a job for me. I followed my heart and went to see Peter for lunch, joined by a couple of other people. Peter told me that he would give me access to his studio for the 30 pieces of art which he wanted me to create, all of which had buyers waiting. I used his studio, he gave me so much help and advice, I sold the 30 pieces and ever since I have been making a living as an artist, all thanks to the wonderful Peter Max.