Whenever a natural disaster occurs it is tough to watch the devastation that ensures when it comes to the properties and the owners of those properties. The recent wildfires in California for example really hit home to many and to see people lose their homes or have them damaged so bad can be tough. If you live in an area which is prone to any type of natural disaster you need to know how to protect yourself. To help offer some tips we spoke to the customer service team at First American Home Warranty, experts in this field.

 Getting That Protection

Many think that because they have spent time to compare plans and looking at the reviews for home insurance that they are covered in all eventualities but this is not the case. In fact buyers of home insurance are only covered for certain aspects of their properties, and these don’t include the protection of the systems inside the property. If a natural disaster occurs you will need home warranty too, which will cover your plumbing, electrical and HVAc systems, as well as large appliances. 


When wildfires rip through a region you’ll have some prior warning so that you can get out and secure yourself, but what about your property? In truth the only real preventative measure which you can take here is to clear a large exclusion zone around your home, to lower the risk of the blaze spreading to your property, ensure that there is nothing within 10 meters around the home which can catch fire.


Earthquakes could do damage to your property but 90% of those built in earthquake zones will be strong enough to deal with a quake of up to 8.0. The biggest risk here is things falling inside the home and breaking, but you can help to prevent this. Ensure that cupboard doors have latches on them so that they won’t open, bolt down TVs and other expensive devices and be sure that any expensive antiques or trinkets are well secured.


If you live in a region like Florida where hurricanes happen with regularity then you should be taking steps to batten down the hatches in your home. Make sure that you have a strong garage door which is fit for purpose and which won’t be ripped off by the wind. You also need to ensure that you have hurricane straps which help to protect the structural integrity of the building, finally you could look at hurricane shutters which will cover the windows and the doors and prevent the winds from ripping through the interior of the home. Even strong winds which aren’t necessarily classed as a hurricane can do damage, so be sure that you have locked the building down for all eventualities for Trademark Registration in Canada.

Invest the time and the money that you have to now to prevent causing yourself large expenses should disaster hit.