Bus Hire

For the next night out with the squad it is time to bring the big guns and show them a crazy and wild night like never before. When you try to plan a wild night out it never really works, the best way therefore to do it where everyone can get behind it is by just surprising them, and here are some awesome ideas which will enable you to do exactly that. Check it out.


Bus hire

is cheap and found everywhere and it could prove to be the perfect starting point for your wild night. Instead of hitting the same old bars and clubs, grab a bus and get the driver to take you on a tour. Nobody will need to be the designated driver and the bus will be your little party vehicle for the entire night, an awesome way to set things off differently. Just imagine rocking up at your friend’s house in a bus ready for a wild night.


Sometimes it is worth just cranking things up a notch for your nights out and that is why you should have a go at the VIP treatment in a club. Usually this won’t actually cost as much as you may think, and the best part is that your friends won’t know anything about it. Get to the door, be escorted past the queues as you are taken up to the VIP area and indulge in all of the fineries that the club has to offer, your squad won’t know what hit them and they are bound to have a night to remember.

Fancy Dress

Whenever you suggest fancy dress to people they often turn their noses up, but the truth is that most of them absolutely love a bit of fancy dress and that is why this would be a perfect surprise for them, which everyone can get behind. In order for this to work you need to get a couple of stakeholders involved, those who do enjoy a bit of a laugh. There is much more likelihood that the rest of your crew will wear some fancy dress if there are a few of you already dressed up, so get sorted first and then hand out the costumes, then head out for a real laugh.


Instead of simply getting out and having a drink in the club, a far better way to spend the evening is with some activities and then hit the club. Try and mix things up with an activity like laser tag or something like that, a great way to get the heart racing and the blood flowing before you all hit the town for some really partying action.

Doing the same old thing gets stale after a while, mix up the night out with your squad with some of these cool ideas and make sure that you really set fire to the night.