American College of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine completely changed my life and after mulling over the decision for many years I finally decided to follow my passion for ancient and traditional remedies, and study it. This is a university which is known for being the best in the country at what it does and as an ex-student that is something which I can certainly attest to. Today then I want to break down why the university is so good, what you can learn when you study here and just how you can use the knowledge that you gain here to help your personal health and your career.

The College

The American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is situated in Houston, Texas and it is a college which has 6 campuses. On site you will find a clinic which is used by local residents and provides the perfect opportunity for students to both learn and practice what they are learning about Oriental medicine. The college has a number of partnerships with universities throughout Eastern Asia and this results in a lot of knowledge sharing and sabbatical visits.


There are 4 main post-grad programs which you can look at taking on at the college and these are as follows.

  • Master of Integrative Wellness Management

This program focuses on the admin side of healthcare and teaches students how to perform in administrative roles within any industry, with a high focus on that of healthcare . This program contains 36 units which can be completed in a year.

  • Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership

For those looking to take on leadership roles within healthcare this is the perfect course, a one year intense training course which will teach you all of the leadership qualities which you will need to have for a career in health care.

  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

This is a 4 year program will eventually train you to become a fully licensed acupuncturist and it also has a Masters tied into the program. You will learn about a wide range of biomedical science, herbology, as well as tai-chi, qi-gong and tui-na during your 4 years.

  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

This Doctorate goes far deeper into Oriental medicine as a topic and you will learn deep and extensive knowledge about acupuncture, Oriental medicine and gynecology.


If you induct yourself one of these programs then you will be making a smart decision for both your career and your own health. After completing my doctorate in Oriental medicine I was able to open up my own practice where I teach the benefits of this traditional medicine. Furthermore I am also able to help myself, my family and friends in educating them about a different type of healthcare. If you want to go into a career within modern medicine then you can certainly do that as well, many of my fellow students went on to med school after their time at the college.

If this is a topic which interests you then there really is no better place to study.