A cozy garden can be a wonderful addition to any home. It gives the home owner a chance to tap into their creative side with personal projects as well as the satisfaction of seeing progress over time. The question is, where to start, and what can one really do with a home garden? There are so many possibilities that it can seem overwhelming to start, so here are five ideas to help get any aspiring gardener started.

Stone Paths

Stone pathways are gorgeous and can be used throughout a garden. Line the path with flower bushes to make it lush. To fill in gaps between stone pieces, grow some thyme between the cracks. For an added layer of detail, an ambitious home gardener can do a little bit of landscaping to create an elevated stone path leading up to the house or down to the garden. This would require a little extra work creating a small slope but it is well worth it for the added aesthetic value.

A Small Sitting Area

The best part about a garden is being able to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. A home garden wouldn’t be complete without a dedicated sitting area where one can go to relax and perhaps enjoy a book or a cup of tea. A small decorative table and chair set or even bench made of stone or wood will suffice and can be placed in a beautiful nook in the garden, hidden away from the rest of the house.

Turn that Old Shed into a Potting Shed

Sheds can be a real eye sore and are usually only ever used as storage for gardening tools. Why ruin a gorgeous garden with an ugly shed? Consider a potting shed instead, with a little paint and a few windows that old shed can be transformed into something beautiful and functional. A potting shed can be used both as storage for tools but also as a space to place potted plants that are more sensitive to heat and weather. It’ll be just like having a mini greenhouse and can become a real focal point in the garden.

Hanging Pots

Pots are just so useful, they can be extremely decorative, are sturdy, and can carry any number of plants to add some variety. Besides placing pots around the garden or in a potting shed, pots can also be mounted on the side of a wall for both an eye catching display and also to keep the smaller plants away from larger plants that would otherwise compete for nutrients.

Climbing Vines & Trellis

Vines are gorgeous and can climb any wall or fence to give a garden that added touch of beauty. Set up a climbing vine of a fragrant flower such as Hydrangea or Jasmine on a trellis to line a walkway through the garden. Not only are flower covered trellises charming, walking through one can really envelop guests with the smell of flowers.

A calm and comfortable garden can be a great place to getaway from the stresses of work and technology. It can be a place to reconnect with nature and just soak in the sights, sounds, and smells for a relaxing experience.