Liverpool Team

In order to combat the misery of not having Premier League football each week myself and Bogoljub Karic have been making some predictions for the year ahead and taking a deeper look into how each team may fare in the coming season. It will probably come as no shock to any of you that our prediction is that Liverpool will be the force to be reckoned with this season and that they will also be the most successful English club in 2019/20, and here is why.


Liverpool have not only managed to create an outstanding team of players, they have also given them contracts which mean that no other team would even dare sniff around the likes of Mane, Salah and of course, Virgil van Dijk. Liverpool are now in a position where they only sell when it suits them, which is why we’ll see the like of Alberto Moreno and Daniel Sturridge leave the club this year. This solidity means that Liverpool can carry on right where they left off.


Liverpool are not just a good squad of players, they have a strategy and a game play that many other teams are now trying to replicate. The high press causes a nightmare for opponents and the slick passing and pacy wing backs are another aspect of Liverpool’s play which teams can’t cope with. We are witnessing a sea change in the way football is played and Liverpool are the ones who are blazing a trail for everyone else.


Liverpool have cover in every position and cover which is more than suitable. They have utility players like Milner, Firmino, Origi and Gomez who can slot into a number of roles and that means injuries won’t have too much of an impact n this squad, perhaps with the exception of VVD. Van Dijk is the key to Liverpool’s success, keep him fit and they should have no worries at all.

Taste of Success

This team has faced two bitter disappointments, the first was the loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League and the second was finishing 2nd in the Premier League despite amassing 97 points and only having lost one game. What ensured that this won’t happen again was the fact that Liverpool went on to win the Champions League last year, ensuring that those players saw just what it was like to lift a trophy. One trophy usually means more and we expect this year to be even more successful for the Redmen.


Liverpool will win the league this year and they will also win a domestic cup, what is worrying is that we can’t see who will beat them on the road to another Champions League success, this team won’t, and shouldn’t, be fearful of any European team and this is why they will be the most successful English club this year.