With Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures in demand, surgeons have found a way to make getting that enhanced butt safer and more precise than ever before. They use ultrasound to guide their work, which means they can now control every part of the process. 

How Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

People looking for butt enhancement have several choices, but a Brazilian Butt Lift means one that a surgeon performs by liposuctioning fat from elsewhere in your body and injecting it into your buttocks. While this sounds fairly simple, a BBL is a complex procedure requiring a skilled and experienced surgeon to make sure it goes well. The fat removed by liposuction can’t just get injected anywhere in the buttocks. The surgeon needs to place it with precision and care. 

Why does placing the fat in the right place matter so much? First, for your BBL to last, the fat needs to graft or take up residence in the area and start living in their new location. Once settled, these fat cells won’t move, but first, they need to be placed where they will survive. Like all other cells, fat cells need a blood supply, so the fat cells need to end up in the proper layers of tissue. 

Another reason to place fat with caution: the buttocks have blood vessels, nerves, and tissues that a surgeon could accidentally injure. An experienced surgeon can usually avoid these risks, but there’s a way to help surgeons place this fat with more confidence than ever. 

What is an Ultrasound-Guided BBL?

Using ultrasound to guide your BBL means that the surgeon will place an ultrasound probe on your buttocks. Just like an ultrasound technician can visualize a baby during an examination, the team performing the BBL can see all the layers of skin, muscle, and other structures. This lets them place the fat where it can graft, and it also lets them avoid putting fat into any place it doesn’t belong. Ultrasound-guided Brazilian Butt Lifts are safer and give you better results. 

Should I Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Anyone looking for butt enhancement has probably considered a BBL during their search. Safer than implants, this procedure can deliver the results, but recovery takes some time and has some special requirements. Anyone who feels like their butt is too flat, doesn’t have enough projection, or has been punished by the effects of gravity can meet with a reputable plastic surgeon to discuss the details of the procedure. If possible, find someone who has moved to using the ultrasound-guided method, so you know you’ll get the best results. 

What is Recovery from a BBL Like?

You will need to plan ahead and have someone who can drive you home from the procedure and stay with you for at least the next 24 hours if you have general anesthesia. If you smoke, you need to stop before the surgery (or better yet, use this as a reason to quit for good). 

You’ll receive instructions from your surgeon on how to manage your recovery. You’ll also receive a special pillow that you will need to sit on for the next six weeks. This helps make sure that your injected fat will settle into its new home and develop a blood supply to keep it alive and filling out your new round butt for years to come. 

Ultrasound-guided BBL can reduce the recovery time a bit. The ability to see where the injections go means more precise fat placement and trauma to the other tissues in the area. It can also reduce some, but not all, of the risks that come with a BBL. The risk of injuring a blood vessel, which results in bleeding and bruising, becomes lower when the surgeon can use ultrasound to see where these vessels sit. Misplaced fat, which can become dangerous if it travels around the body, becomes less likely when the surgeon can make sure they place the fat into the correct layers, so it stays in place.