Everything is 2018 is becoming louder and brighter, and the same goes for makeup. Wings are getting bigger, eyeshadow is getting brighter, and lipsticks are getting bolder. It can be hard to keep up with what trends are happening, as they are rapidly changing. So what lipstick shades are going to trend in 2018? Here is a list of what lipsticks one should stock up on for 2018.

Purple is both classy and vibrant.

Purple is one of the boldest colors that has been trendy so far in 2018. While red and pink have been popular for awhile, purple is new to the scene. This bright color looks good in a variety of fashions, from casual to fancy. It echoes different shades of purple in fabrics and is often paired with bright hair. It can be both quirky and classy. These days one cannot go wrong with purple.

Orange is the new color of the club scene.

Orange is a popular color for the club scene. Most of the time one won’t find people wearing orange casually, but it is starting to become more popular. The color is bright and flashy, and it is sure to draw stares from everyone in the room. For those looking to be the center of attention at a party, orange is the way to go. It is sure to draw attention from everyone in a good way.

Deep Red is formal and classy.

Red has been popular for decades but red so dark that it’s almost black is new, and it’s trendy fast. This class color is often paired with black clothing. It is stunning and great for a formal event. For those looking for something deep and passionate, this may be the color for them. Everyone is going to agree that it is beautiful, and its color is very classy.

Nude is neutral and trending.

Nude has got to be one of the most popular colors trending over the past couple of years, and it continues into 2018. Nude is a neutral, natural looking color, and a lot of people love the classy look. It looks good with formal business wear, and it’s the perfect color for when one wants to go out on a date.

Glitter is daring.

Glitter is a new trend in 2018. Sparkles were a trend in 2017, but glitter itself is new. The look is daring and vibrant, classy yet adventurous. If one is ready to try a style that is brand new, this is perfect for them. It will get looks from everyone in the room. It looks great, and once they see them they might start wearing it too.

Blue is electric and icy.

Blue is another great clubbing color, perfect for an electric and cool style. It goes great with neon colors and is positive to get lots of looks at the club. Blue gives an icy vibe, and it looks great on the party scene. It is hard to go wrong with this!