You only have one life to live. That’s why it’s up to you to live it to the full. Instead of just hanging around your birth town, why not leap and travel the world to see some of the biggest (and most interesting) historical monuments?  Not only will you feel overwhelmed by their grandeur but you’ll certainly be counting off another place from your bucket list. Allow the power of history to excite, enlighten and educate you. It’s time for you to pack your suitcase and set off on your travels to see some of the worlds biggest heritage monuments. 

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Whether you choose to go on your own, go to Strawberry escorts to book escorts from our Brixton gallery or decide to take some friends and family with you, Stonehenge is the place to be, especially if you go during the summer solstice. Although you can’t go inside the stone circle of Stonehenge, you can still get very close to it to wonder about its origins. Some say its a homage to prehistoric earthworks, as it does host burial mounds, whilst others say it acted as an area for religious ceremonies. Either way, the origin of this historic monument is a mystery and is worth going to visit.

If you decide to keep going up north, you can also check up some of the sites in the area, including Avebury Henge, Fountains Abbey, Alnwick Castle, Durham Cathedral and Newcastle and Bamburgh Castle. These areas are all gorgeous to visit and will take at least a day to explore. So make sure you give yourself enough time to explore them thoroughly before moving onto your next location.

Petra, Jordan

Fancy taking a trip out to the middle-east? If so then you just have to visit Petra, also known as the “Rose City” and the hiding spot of the holy grail during Indiana Jones’ quest. Petra consists of a honeycomb of caves, temples and tombs that are carved into a rock of light pink sandstone. They were created over 2,000 years ago and display evidence of the lost civilization of the Nabateans- a wealthy set of nomadic desert people who lived on the cliffs. 

Although the Nabateans have sadly disappeared, their triumphs certainly have not, as Petra still stands tall to this day. That’s why you must go out to see the glory of the area for yourself. The engineering feats of the Nabateans are something that can only be remarked on when seen for itself.

Travel deep inside the twisted passageway of Siq before you enter the sandstone mountain itself. Inside you will the ruins of Petra’s works of art on the stone. The stone itself changes colour so you will always get to see something new every time you visit. If you visit the Silk Tomb then you may even catch a glimpse of the incredible mosaics that are still paving the flow of the interior church.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Continue your travels by visiting Peru for a taste of what it is like to be in a ruined city. Mach Picchu has been made famous by beautiful photos that have been taken of it. Just keep in mind that it’s no picnic getting to this location. It is located in quite an inhospitable location, so you will either have to take the train to access it, or brave the perils of a four-day hike. 

Once you get there, you will be surrounded by lush vegetation, mist and a sprawling landscape of large escarpments, forest and an endless horizon. Just remember that this is an incredibly popular tourist destination that only allows 500 visitors a day to enter. Make sure you have given yourself enough time in advance to get in!

Tikal, Guatemala

If you can’t get enough of ancient ruined temples, then why not head on over to Tikal in Guatemala? This shrine to the Mayan civilization has a whole range of stunning monuments, including palaces, shrines, homes, game courts and even roads! The Mayans were truly a civilization that was beyond its time, especially as they thrived between 300-850 BC. It is the perfect place to go for any history junkie that fancies learning about the Mayan culture and getting out and about on a large hike.

Easter Island

Easter Island is the sort of holiday destination that makes it onto every body’s bucket list. After all, we all want to visit the large stone heads that have been strewn about the area. These are known as Moai and there are around 887 of them about the island. There is still a lot of debate about what these statues mean, but you will love going to see them. They are known to physically intimidate tourists due to their size and statue. The best places to visit them are Rarku quarry and Ahu Tongariki.

Once you get tired, don’t forget to hike around the area to see some of the most beautiful green volcanos. It’s worth the sweat of the walk!

Persepolis, Iran

This gorgeous ruined city is dated over 7,000 years old and has been proven to have some areas that date back to before the Persian Empire and demonstrates that these ancients were ahead of their time. Generally speaking, Persepolis means “city of Persians” and highlights the strength and the power of the people through its architecture and gorgeous artwork. Throughout the entire city, you will find hundreds of sculptures and pictures in the walls, pillars and just the buildings of the areas. These images will demonstrate the history of the area and show you exactly what resonated with the Persians, including their beliefs and interests. It is certainly worth a visit. 

Explore the world!

No matter where you go, your travels will take you to a monument that will give you an insight into the different cultures of the world. Ancient monuments are gorgeous to look at and even more wonderful to visit. So, what is holding you back? It’s time to pick a place to go and explore it. You certainly will not be disappointed.

Have fun!