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It’s unfortunate that we’re now living in a world where several vloggers make more money than teachers, nurses or other professionals. Companies are willing to pay these influencers because they know that they’re key in reaching out to a lot of people. 

There’s nothing wrong with starting a vlog for self-expression. You can do it for fun and to share your views of the world with others. However, if you start to get paid for what you’re doing, it’s important that you make the most of your platform. 

One of the causes you can consider is environmental awareness. You have the ability to reach a lot of people, and you need to use that power to send the right message in regard to this dire issue. 

You can reach younger audiences

The good thing about vlogs is that young people are into them. Therefore, if you have strong advocacy skills, you can inspire young people to take action. The future of the environment depends on these young people. You want to inspire them to take a stand and do better to save the environment.

Environmental issues are urgent

More than determining the right shade of makeup to wear for the day or the kind of shoes that go well with your dress, you also have to worry about how to save the world from global warming. Some places are literally on fire due to this issue. Flooding and other natural disasters are also on the rise. Use your voice to send a message of urgency to everyone. You have a unique platform. Use it to be of help. 

You can raise funds 

Popular vloggers earn an unbelievable amount of money each month. If you can use whatever amount you earn to be of help to environmental causes, it would be great. You’ll not only be helping by spreading awareness, but you’ll be using your profit to help even more.

You feel good 

There are times when you feel like some vloggers are taking money for doing things that don’t make sense. It’s the reason why you hesitate to follow in their footsteps. If you think that starting a vlog is a good thing, after all, you have to choose a topic that will make you feel good. Environmental campaigns are useful and will set you apart from everyone else. While many people your age are busy sharing beauty secrets, you could be taking steps to save the world.

Be consistent in your actions

If you decide that you will use your voice through a vlog and focus on environmental concerns, you have to be consistent. It means that you shouldn’t only preach, but also practice pro-environmental habits. You have to do these actions at home. If you can hire Chicago junk haulers to help you with trash disposal, it would be great. You can also recycle plastic and use plastic bags several times for groceries and other purposes. People will scrutinize you if you keep preaching about environmental protection. Don’t give them a reason to prove you wrong.