The internet has brought us many great advantages and one which I have been using it for heavily of late is to save money on my weekly grocery shop. The holiday season is normally an expensive one but this year I decided to take advantage of many opportunities which I found online to save money, and I managed to save big across Christmas. Moving into the new year many people are looking at ways in which they can reduce their spending, so here are some great ways that you can use the internet to give you some big savings on your groceries.


I started using cashback site Lyoness last year  and I have no idea why more people aren’t taking advantage of this great way in which you can save money. Basically you sign up and pay a small subscription fee, which is how you get access to the offers. Sign into you account and you will see many products which offer a percentage of cashback once you buy them. You then buy the product online or in the store, prove your purchase and you will have money credited back into your account. I love doing this because the products which I find on the site are products which I buy anyway, grab it at full price and then get some money back on your purchase, super simple.

Coupon Sites

There are loads of free coupon sites online where you can find heavy discounts that you can use on your weekly shop. The best part about using these sites is that they are absolutely free, and you will pay nothing for the coupons which save you big. In the past I used to be tearing through magazines and newspapers looking for money off coupons which I could then use in the grocery store, now I just need to go online, find the best deals on the products that I want, print the coupon and present it when I pay at the store.


Something I have recently discovered are blogs and social media pages of discount hunters, who share the many great discounts and pricing errors around the various super markets. I follow around 4 of these pages and they are always sharing great tips on how to save money on your groceries, where you can get the best discounts and which stores have great promotions. If you are vigilant and you keep following these guys, they will ensure that you make some massive savings on the things that you are buying in the grocery store.

There is so much opportunity out there for you to save money that I just can’t understand why people wouldn’t want to take advantage of the information and the deals that you can find online. If you are looking to save some money this year, this is how you can significantly reduce how much you pay for your groceries.