Have you recently asked whether there are swimming classes near me?  We often want to swim more and we also want our kids to learn how to swim from an early age, but finding a quiet pool where our children can be taught by a professional can be difficult at times.

Finding Swimming Classes Near Me

Thankfully there are emerging specialists swimming schools and academies which provide swimming programs and lessons for babies, toddlers and children, to help them to develop the confidence and skills to be safe in water, and learn how to swim.  This create in your child more confidence and a safer approach to water bases activities.

Why Children Need to Learn to Swim

There has been generations in the past where swimming wasn’t taught to children and these ones who are now adults are scared of water and have missed out on water sports and swimming activities on vacations throughout their lives.  This has often led to them either passing on that fear and avoidance of water to their own children, or having gone the opposite way and encouraged their children to learn how to swim from an early age so they don’t end up in the same situation.

Another factor is safety and prevention of drowning.  Unfortunately, a fifth of all drownings in the USA are of children aged 14 or younger, and scarily 80% of drownings occur in the presence of the parents.  Thankfully the chances of you drowning are greatly reduced if you have swimming lessons, as most drownings are preventable.  But are you giving your children the best chance by ensuring they have swimming and water safety lessons from an early age?

Swimming Classes Suitable For Different Age Ranges

Some of the best swimming schools develop classes and programs for different age ranges to ensure that the groups are small and are given age and ability appropriate instruction.  There are often introduction classes for babies and parents for babies of twelve weeks to six months to allow the baby to feel comfortable and safe in the water, using their natural ability and developing it.  It will also provide the parent with confidence that their baby can enjoy the water and even learn at that age.

Following baby and parent classes there are often then age range classes each with their own curriculum to help develop confidence, skills, and swimming techniques.  Class sizes are often limited to one on one tuition at earlier ages and levels, to smaller groups when children are older and can freely swim in the pool, allowing them to interact with other children while swimming which in itself is a useful skill once a child enters a public pool. 

Skills such as floating on your back, floating on front, breaststroke, crawl stroke, backstroke, and butterfly are taught, as well as rescues, diving, water entry and exit, roll overs, pop up, breathing techniques and using buoyancy aids.  There is no reason why your children can’t be confident swimmers by the time they start school.