Baby Carrier

Finding what makes your baby happy can be difficult, but honestly, all your child needs is a comfy baby carrier.

Getting the perfect baby carrier takes experimentation, but it’s worth your child’s comfort. Several kinds of carriers offer different amenities for you. 

This article will tell you the details of each type of carrier and what the best comfort is for you and your child.

Soft Structured Carrier

Soft-structured baby carriers are the most known carriers because of their look– padded shoulders and a padded waist wrap for you, and a structure that elevates your baby’s legs and supports their back and neck. This position helps prevent hip dysplasia in your baby’s future.

These carriers with an infant insert are best suited for babies 4-5 months old. Worn on your front or back, soft-structured baby carriers are great for fully adjustable, sturdy comfort.

The Wrap Carrier

Wrap carriers are the most accommodating carriers. Simple and made of only fabric, baby carrier wraps offer comfort and adjustability by your standards. 

Once you get the hang of different ways to wear a wrap, you’ll be able to play around with how you want to wear your baby– on your back, hip, or front. Wrap carriers are suited for infants, newborns, and toddlers. 

The Mei Tei Carrier

Mei Tei carriers are similar to soft structured carriers, except that buckles are replaced with straps. Combining straps with fabric, your child can sit on your back or front with a Mei Tei carrier and maintain comfort while in it. 

The benefit of this type of carrier is that it’s so adjustable that you and your partner can both use it to carry your baby. Mei Tei carriers are for older infants and toddlers.

Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Ring sling baby carriers focus on easy fastening, using 2 rings in place of ties. You’ll feed the fabric through these rings and tighten it by pulling or loosening the fabric. 

Because of the lack of ties, this carrier can be easier for parents new to baby carriers. Most ring sling carriers use fabric that isn’t stretchy, which can give you a more secure feeling. This carrier is also free to use between a couple, offering adjustability for different bodies.

Ring sling carriers are suited for newborns. You can find a variety of great ring sling carriers at Love To Be Natural

The Backpack Carrier

If you’re an active parent, backpack baby carriers are perfect for you. While sturdy and comfortable, backpack carriers offer what the name suggests: a backpack for you and your baby. You’re able to carry your child and other items in the same pack while maintaining hands-free comfort.

These carriers are padded, adjustable, and versatile for both you and baby. You can use backpack baby carriers everywhere. These carriers are best suited for children that can sit on their own and have proper neck control.

Comfortable Baby, Comfortable Parent

Finding the perfect baby carrier just got a lot easier. Now you’re able to choose what’s most comfortable for your baby without compromising your comfort.

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