PR Company

Back in 2018 we began a huge search for a PR company which would be the right fit for our business and which could help us to reach our goals. There is a huge range of abilities hen it comes to PR companies and the truth is that not all of them will fit in with what you are trying to achieve. Eventually we ended up with the outstanding team at Interdependence PR, a firm with a long history of success and to be honest after just 6 months we are already bearing the fruits of their magnificent labor. When looking for the right PR firm it is important that you look for the right attributes, and here are the top 5 things which I’d recommend that you look out for.

Customer Service

Straight off the bat you should feel like a valued customer, you should be welcomed and be made to feel important and the company with whom you are meeting with should have already looked into what your business is about, and come up with at least a couple of suggestions as to what they be able to do for you. If you don’t feel this warmth then it maybe time to look elsewhere.


The PR firm which you meet with have to be completely clear and transparent around what they are going to do for your business and how they are going to do it. Many PR firms don’t offer this level of transparency by default, either because they think that it’ll bore the client or simply because they don’t yet know. When you are investing money in a service like this you need to know exactly where each dollar is going to be spent, and what you can expect in return.


You have to find a team which is just as passionate about your business as you are, and also about the results which they are going to achieve. The key for me in hiring Interdependence PR was the passion which they showed around delivering results and the dedication which they committed to in terms of making our business the best that it can be.


Ideally you will choose a PR firm which specializes in your particular industry or sector but at the very least they should have a deep understanding of your market. Failure to truly understand how to talk to your taffeta customers is going to have bad consequences in terms of results and this is why it is important that the company which you choose really grasps your sector and your niche.

Track Record

Finally you need to make sure that you get a PR firm who have a solid track record of success. Don’t just take them at their word either, you must ensure that you have done your research and that you are sure that they have a great reputation in terms of delivering results.