Everything You Need To Know About Rose Quartz Crystal

A rose quartz crystal is mineral quartz in the color of light rose pink. It is available abundantly, and the beautiful light pink color makes it a popular choice among crystals. The crystal has healing properties and is a stone of universal and unconditional love. 

Although there are many ways to incorporate the benefits of a rose quartz crystal in your life, one of the best ways is by wearing the crystals. You can wear it as a ring, earring or a necklace. Wearing a rose quartz necklace is the most potent form of utilizing the properties of the crystals as it stays near your heart. 

Staying near the heart, the rose crystal opens it up and removes any stress and tensions one might have in their heart. By doing so, the rose quartz necklace prepares your heart for new love or strengthens existing relationships.

What Does A Rose Quartz Necklace Do? 

A rose quartz crystal necklace offers many benefits, including physical and emotional healing properties. The pink color of the crystal represents femininity, calmness, gentleness, love, and compassion. 

The soothing and healing properties of the crystal calm the soul and body. When worn as a necklace, the rose quartz crystal helps heal your heart and improves blood circulation in your body. It is also beneficial for pregnant ladies. 

Also known as the heart stone, a real rose quartz necklace can heal your heart of any pain and suffering that you might be going through. It also increases love and compassion in the person wearing the necklace and thus helps with their relationships.

How To Cleanse Rose Quartz Necklace? 

Over time, crystals can pick up negative energies and may not work as they used to. To reap the benefits of your rose quartz crystal necklace, it is essential to cleanse the crystal at a regular interval, preferably once every month. It would be best if you cleansed your rose quartz necklace before wearing it for the first time. There are a few ways you can cleanse your necklaces:

  • On a full moon night, put your rose quartz necklace on your windowsill or outside your home to cleanse and recharge it.
  • Instead of using regular water, use rainwater to cleanse your rose quartz necklace. You can also soak the necklace in salt water.
  • Use palo santo or sage stick to smudge your rose quartz crystal necklace. You can also do a quick cleanse by using fire from a candle.
  • Earth can absorb negative energies from crystals. Bury your rose quartz crystal necklace in the ground for a day.
  • You can also use a cleansing crystal like a selenite tower. Place your rose quartz crystal necklace near the tower, which will clear any negative energy from the crystal.

Where Can I Buy A Rose Quartz Necklace? 

Given the benefits of rose quartz necklaces, crystal lovers often wonder where to buy real rose quartz necklaces. Although there are several sellers selling rose quartz necklaces online, not all of them are real. To get the benefits of the crystal, buying a necklace with real rose quartz crystal is essential. Ensure your seller’s authenticity, and read the reviews before placing your order. 


If you feel like you are struggling with stress and have trouble being kind and considerate towards yourself, a real rose quartz necklace can be a great addition to your life. Its healing properties encourage self-love, which can revive your relationships with others.