Last year I turned thirty and as a little birthday present to myself I decided to have my nose fixed at a cosmetic surgery here in Chicago, Illinois. I have hated the shape of my nose for as long as I can remember and when I began to read the Dean Toriumi reviews, a local cosmetic surgeon, and they were so glowing, it was the push which I needed to finally make up my mind, take the plunge, and get that awful crook in my nose fixed once and for all. This was the first non-medical procedure which I had gone through and I was a little about the good/bad results which I would be in for. I did plenty of research of course and I must confess that I didn’t find the answers which I wanted. If you are considering this procedure then here are some top tips which I wish someone who’d been through it had told me.


The cosmetic surgeons who carry out these procedures are truly amazing but it is important to remember that they are not miracle workers. When it comes to rhinoplasty the surgeons are limited in terms of what they are able to do by the amount of tissue, bone, muscle and cartilage which you already have. Of course they can be creative but you may find that your chosen ‘nose’ is just not possible. Be sure that you speak at length with your surgeon so that you are crystal clear in your expectations.

Time and Recovery

There are so many conflicting pieces of information online regarding how long the procedure takes and how long the recovery is. The truth is that the rhinoplasty surgery will take around an hour, sometimes int could be more if you are having a lot of reconstruction work completed.In terms of recovery it will take up to 4 weeks for your nose to completely recover and then for a couple of months afterwards it will feel very tender an you’ll have to be careful. During your recovery in the first week or so you can expect heavy bruising on your nose and occasional nose bleeds.

Revising the Work

You will only be able to see the full effect of the surgery once the swelling has reduced so don’t panic in the first couple of days if it doesn’t look how you wanted it to. Your surgeon will plan in some revisions for you to ensure that everything is in order so don’t worry right away if you’re not happy.

Long Term

Contrary to what you may have read online there are no long term effects on your nose when it comes to dropping, smell, or functionality, at least nothing that has been proven. This means that young people can undergo this procedure without fears of their nose falling off when they get older!

As long as you are doing this for the right reasons, it is a procedure which will make you infinitely happier.