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If you are planning to put your house up for sale, there are several options available. The three most popular methods are – selling the property yourself, selling through an agent, or selling to a real estate investor. There are unique circumstances that will determine the suitability of these options. In some instances, those who want to save money and choose not to hire an agent or sell to an investor sometimes end up losing money by deciding to sell the property themselves.

That is why it is critical to assess your situation and your commitment to the selling process so that you can make the right decision. In this article, we will compare these three choices.

Selling to a real estate investor

Investment companies like we buy houses Fort Lauderdale purchase properties with the intent of reselling for profit. They buy a house for cash and in its present condition. In a way, selling to an investor is considered one of the fastest ways to dispose of your property. Moreover, in addition to cash payments, investors can offer other payment options to the buyer. In a majority of transactions, the seller need not spend out of pocket for closing fees. Most importantly, you need not endure hours of open houses with strangers coming in and out of your door.

This option is perfect if you are pressed for time and need to sell without all the hassle involved with listing your property. It is also an ideal method if you don’t have money for repairs and improvement.

Selling your property yourself

If you have time and can commit to the entire process of selling your property, you can forego hiring an agent or selling to an investor. These days, there are many online listing sites you can use to put your property on the market. But since selling by yourself does not afford you the tools available to a professional real estate agent, you need to work twice as hard to ensure that you sell within your target timeline.

Putting a house on the market has many intricacies involved. It requires a hands-on approach, especially when buyers start calling to schedule viewings. This method is best if you aren’t in a hurry. If you’re focused and can commit to all the steps involved, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider selling your property without the help of an agent.

Hiring a real estate agent

Most people who’ve sold a house before are familiar with the process of working with a real estate agent. These professionals have access to listing systems that give them an opportunity to come up with a favorable listing price. Most homeowners choose to hire an agent if they want to sell their property at the current market value or even higher. These agents also have the expertise to negotiate with buyers and ensure that the homeowner earns a profit from the sale.

Similar to doing your own listing, hiring an agent is also ideal for those who aren’t looking to sell their house fast. If you have money to pay the commission, hiring an agent gives you added convenience and the benefit of expert assistance.