Would you like to have whiter teeth? I know that most people certainly would, myself included and that is why I have recently attended a series of appointments at Clinton Family Dentistry, to get some tips on exactly how I can make sure that my teeth are as white as possible. White teeth allow you to smile with confidence and to lose that self-consciousness that you may have when speaking or smiling. I wanted to share with you some tips which I have received from the dentist which have worked really well for me in terms of getting whiter teeth.


The quickest and the easiest way to get perfect teeth is to take a shortcut and have veneers placed on the front of your teeth. This is a pricy option but one which will give you the perfect smile with teeth which are as white as you would like them to be. Veneers involves the shaving down of your existing teeth and then the veneer is placed on top, this is very much a permanent solution.


There are some things to avoid if you do truly want whiter teeth. The first thing to avoid is any product which claims that it will whiten your teeth which has not been recommended by a dentist. If you do see a product and you are curious about whether or not it will work, take it to your dentist first and let them give you their opinion on the product. Often these products may work to give you whiter teeth but cause damage in other areas.

You should also look to avoid some practices which will harm the teeth and cause stains. For example eating sugar before bed or failing to brush your teeth after drinking coffee and wine. Using a straw when drinking coffee is  neat trick which will ensure that the teeth don’t get stained.

Fruit and Veg

Whilst it is tempting to look into a range of products which promise to give you white teeth fast, it is a far better idea to keep things simple, and that includes diet. Fruit and veg are some of the best things that you can eat to keep your teeth clean and healthy and especially strawberries and pineapples which help to exfoliate the teeth, cleaning them in the process.


You cannot underestimate the power of brushing your teeth and it will have a hugely positive impact on the overall whiteness of your smile. You should be brushing every morning and every night in order to see great results. Brushing doesn’t just whiten the teeth it is also the best way to avoid them getting stained, which will ensure that any other efforts to whiten you teeth will have a better chance of working. Try adding some bicarbonate of soda to your toothpaste for that little bit of a whitening boost when brushing.

Always remember that there are no super products, good oral hygiene is always the best way.