IF you run a small business then you must ensure that you have some high level cyber security in place. I know first hand how hard it can be to dedicate cash to something like this but it is absolutely necessary in today’s world. For many years I had basic cyber security on the company’s systems but all of that changed when I saw Bharat Bhise HNA conduct a speech at a business convention about just how at risk small business are from cyber criminals.

I spoke to industry expert Bharat after his speech and he was more than open to answer all of the questions which I had. Thanks to the conversation with people like Bharat I have realized that hackers love a small business when it comes to picking their victims, and here is just why they find small businesses to be highly effective for them.


The obvious reason here is that small businesses rarely have security systems in place, and if they do they don’t pose much of a threat in preventing these cyber criminals from getting what they want. Most hackers can compromise a small business’ system in a matter of minutes and just like that they will have access to a huge amount of data and information.

Getting Caught

Many of the world’s biggest companies and corporations have seriously upped their game in terms of security and that poses a great risk to the freedom of the hacker. In contrast, even small businesses who do have solid security in place, offer far less of a risk of getting caught, no matter if the attack is successful or not. Many cyber criminals are starting to get jail time for their hacks which is why they must ensure that they don’t get caught, and this is why small businesses present the perfect opportunity for them.

Easy To Use

The main objective for many hackers is to steal information which they can then sell on for a quick profit. Now of course it is the big companies which offer the richest plunder but that plunder also comes with a huge risk. Let’s say that someone hacks MasterCard and obtains credit card details, these will be hard to move on and in most cases all of those cards will be blocked and reissued. Small businesses however have plenty of sensitive information up for grabs and criminals can sell on this information very quickly and before any action is taken.

No Trace

Another huge benefit of hacking a small business is that most won’t even notice that it has happened. This scenario is the perfect hack for many criminals, especially those looking for profit rather than fame, and it is why small businesses are at such great risk. Regardless of the scale of the business, many keep huge amounts of details about their customers, and hackers can nip in, take information and get out again without anyone being the wiser.