4 Design Features of New Designer Men’s Underwear

For all of you gentlemen out there trying to make the decision between boxers and briefs or determining whether it’s worth it to spend some cash on new designer men’s underwear there are a few things you should know.

When you do your research on different features of each style of men’s underwear you’ll begin to learn which features are most important to your personal underwear needs. Here are some of the most common features of designer and brand name underwear for men.


The fabric that your underwear is made from is something that you should think about from the beginning. Think about the sensitive area that your boxer briefs hug all day long; wrapping that area in scratchy material is a big mistake. It will just leave you fidgeting and feeling uncomfortable all day long.

You shouldn’t feel a wave of relief wash over your body as soon as you get home for the evening and strip down. Choose a fabric that is as comfortable as possible and that you can wear all day with not problem. Underwear that is made from 100% cotton or a jersey material is ideal.

In 2019 there are plenty of options for natural and organic fabrics if saving the environment is on your to-do list. These fabrics are derived from bamboo and organza and they are designed for ultimate comfort while also promoting sustainability.

Inseam & Backseam

According to a leading men’s underwear source, here is what inseam vs backseam means:

“Inseam is a traditional pattern of stitching on the lower back of the apparel for more comfort and room for breathability of the manhood. It practically kept everything together including the legs and crotch. But brands now replace this feature with a gusset or small fabric panels.”

“Back seam is again a kind of stitching that allows more comfort. Back seam allows the fabric to stretch easily without causing the wear and tear to the apparel as well as provides a better seat and keeps it comfortable for guys who have a desk job.” When choosing your next pair of underwear you need to think about what is best for you – inseam, backseam, or gusset (which we’ll discuss next).


A gusset is a triangular or diamond-shaped piece of fabric that is designed to provide more space for movement and comfort. Its main purpose is to provide better movement capabilities and it eliminates the need for longer inseams. This allows the underwear to have maximum comfort but also be form fitting. Long inseams often lead to bunching and a gusset can help you to avoid this.

Pouch Options

Who knew there were so many options relating to men’s underwear? You even have tons of choice when deciding on your underwear pouch. There are plenty of conventional pouched-underwear on the market but you can also opt for no pouch at all.

When you start browsing for underwear you’ll see just how many pouch options are available. More men are opting for sheer and partially sheer pouches for more comfort and movement.